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How To Maintain The Hairdressing Chair?

Apr 16, 2020

Hairdressing chair leather surface:

1. Avoid using hard objects to scratch the chair surface. Leather fabrics are usually more wear-resistant, but they are easily scratched by hard objects. Scissors, razors and other sharp objects used in hair salons must be properly placed. The button scratches the leather surface of the hairdressing chair.

2. The leather surface material needs regular care. You can use the leather surface curing agent to spray the hairdressing chair stool surface irregularly and wipe it for maintenance. If the chair surface is stained with dyes, perm agents and other difficult-to-clean items, you can use cotton cloth Wipe a little gasoline, can effectively avoid hairdressing chair surface staining.

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Hairdressing chair oil pump: The main function of the oil pump is to adjust the height of the hairdressing chair through lifting. Normally, the oil pump will not have any quality problems. When buying the oil pump, be careful not to buy an oil-penetrating oil pump. Pressure, that is, do not put one foot to the end, stepping on half stop and half stepping, can effectively improve the replacement of hairdressing chair hydraulic pump.

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Hairdressing chair chassis: Electroplating chassis series hairdressing chairs are not to be worn, that is, you cannot wipe the hairdressing chair with sandpaper or other materials. Is the plating surface usually plated? The material has the functions of anti-rust and anti-corrosion, so avoid rubbing. If it is a little bit sturdy, you can wipe it with dry cotton cloth. In addition, you need to clean the chassis frequently to keep the chassis clean and clean. The stainless steel chassis is relatively easy to care, just wipe it often.

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As a kind of hairdressing chair, the repairing chair is the same as the above. The only difference is that the repairing chair has the function of backing, and the pressure pump on the back of the chair needs to be maintained from time to time. At that time, the screw in the middle of the pressure pump could be adjusted to shrink. In addition, it was necessary to avoid putting the shaving chair to the end, and you could leave a slight angle, so that the backrest of the shaving chair could be extended.